Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DJI Osmo Mobile with External Microphone

Recently I received my DJI Osmo Mobile and was anxious to see if I would be able to use my external microphone, the Rode VideoMic, with the device to record audio with my video on my Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The potential problem was that the 3.5mm jack on my Note 7 would be covered by the right side of the gimbal mount. It is in fact partially obscured and does not allow the the right angle microphone cord to be plugged in with the phone mounted on all three contact points of the gimbal.

The Solution
As a potential remedy I attempted to mount my Note 7 offset to the left in the gimbal mount to accommodate the microphone cord. Being that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a large phone (phablet) my concern was
that the DJI Osmo Mobile wouldn't be able to balance properly. Once I plugged the right angle microphone cord into my phone I placed it in the gimbal mount which still held the phone securely with only the upper and lower grips in contact with the phone.

The next test was to see if the gimbal functioned properly with the phone offset in the gimbal. I manually balanced the gimbal before powering it on by following the normal instructions. I then plugged my phone into the microphone and powered it on. The gimbal immediately stabilized.

Once I saw the gimbal was stabilized I turned on Active Track to see if the gimbal would have any difficulty following me and moving freely. As you can see in the video below it worked flawlessly.

FYI: If you intend on using the Rode VideoMic, or any other external microphone to record audio on your mobile phone you'll need a TRR to TRRS adapter.

iPhone 7 Users
This may be a feasible solution for the iPhone 7 (without the 3.5mm jack) as long as someone comes out with a right angle adapter for the Fire port. My only concern with the iPhone 7 would be that the phone weighs substantially more than my Note 7 which already required me to extend the manual balancing point almost to the end to get it balanced properly.

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