Friday, August 5, 2016

Video Editor For Android

There are many quality photo editing apps for Android but when it comes to a capable video editing solution you have some difficulty finding an app that suites your needs. Sure, there are plenty of basic video editing apps for Android like Google Photos which allows you to incorporate photos and videos clips into your movie but the editor leaves something to be desired and the same goes for Adobe Premiere Clip which has pretty limited features.

After downloading countless video editor apps on my Android devices I came across an app called Power Director that has met and exceeded my expectations this far and has been updated regularly by the developer Cyberlink.

Features that set Video Director apart from other Android video editing apps

  • You can add multiple audio files to the movie.
  • Audio files can be set to fade in/out for transition to next audio clip.
  • Record a voiceover while playing the video.
  • The ability to enlarge/crop in on the video clip.
  • Set a blank color page for a title or overlay title on video.
  • Video overlay for a picture in picture effect.
  • Brightness, contrast and saturation can be adjust for each clip separately.
  • Can speed up or slow down clips individually.
  • Rotate or flip individual video clips.
Some of the limitations of the app include:
  • Only a single audio layer for audio. This means no musical background for voiceovers and makes transitioning audio more abrupt even with fade in/out capability.
  • Only a single layer for video (aside from the picture in picture video overlay).
  • There are a ton of cheesy video transitions but no basic cross dissolve transition, the closest thing is "Cross" but it does some zooming crap.
The free version of Power Director Video Editor on the Google Play Store is fully function in terms of video editing. The free video editor also places a small watermark in the lower right corner of the exported video and limits the HD export to a resolution of 720p with a framerate of 30fps. The full version which is only $5.99 (can be purchased in app settings) not only removes the watermark but allows you to export in full HD 1080p with a framerate of up to 60fps.

All in all I give the Video Director app by Cyberlink a huge thumbs up for video editing on the go. It's definitely an awesome app with new features and functions added regularly. Can't wait to see how it works on my Chromebook once Google enables Android apps for my model. I might finally be able to ditch Microsoft Windows once and for all since the lack of a good video editor is really the only thing I use Windows for anymore.

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