Friday, August 5, 2016

Solution to Windows 10 Anniversary Update Error 0x80070057

Windows didn't automatically prompt me to install the update but you can go to the Microsoft Support site and download the Windows 10 Anniversary edition which includes the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. I ran the assistant software and the files downloaded correctly but when the install got to 2% it halted and I was presented with the 0x80070057 error.

I scoured the web in search of a solution. The 0x80070057 error is not new to Windows Updates so there was a lot of old and useless info on the web about it. I needed a solution specific to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update. Desperate I tried the old solutions which included everything from
editing the registry to changing system policies. Nothing worked, grrr. I was getting very frustrated. Finally I stumbled across the solution on the Microsoft support forum. It was so easy I didn't think it would work but alas my Windows Anniversary Update is installed.

Solution to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition error 0x80070057

Ok so here goes...

  • Run the Windows 10 Update assistant again.
  • The files should appear to be downloading again but the progress will go really fast this time since the  files are already on your computer.
  • When it gets to 100% downloaded IMMEDIATELY disable Wi-Fi or whatever your network connection.
  • With your internet connection disabled the install should now hang up at 2% status.
  • After 30 seconds re-enable your internet connection.
  • The install should proceed to install properly now.
I know right! Simple as that, enjoy!!

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