Sunday, July 17, 2016

Packard Plant Detroit [Urbex]

I was going through some of my older photos from a visit to the Packard Plant in Detroit, MI. The Packard Plant is a popular location for urbex photography by many local photographers. This photo was taken in 2011.
packard plant detroit urbex urban decay
It was a gloomy day and I made my way to the rooftop. It was pretty crazy to see all the trees growing out of the old tar roof. Graffiti and urban decay is everywhere at the Packard Plant, you can see the debris at the ground level of this picture. In the distance you can see the collapsed roof on one of the many buildings. The neighborhood surrounding the Packard Plant is not the best so be careful if you decide to take a visit. It's best to go with a group if possible.

This urbex photo is and HDR shot from 3 exposures. The lightning was added in Photoshop for additional effect.

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